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These are some of the best emails people have sent me:

                An email that reads: hello good sir would you be interested in trying our new all bean burrito
                it's made of 100% beans sourced from local homeless people
                it's a really good burrito I really like how when you take a bite all the thick bean paste
                fills up your mouth similarly to how I filled up yo mama last night
                anyways please make sure to check your local chillys for the new all bean burrito
                get it now before we run out
                An email that reads: hi this is your daily furry newsletter
                NEW FURSONA - just for you!
                dingus the bingus
                - 5 ft 11 in
                - Fuzzy wuzzy
                - Like to take walks in hell
                - bad temper (he will kill you)
                - tail length: 4 ft

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